She who had come to take back what he had escaped a blast four years ago in London – when he lost an additional jab at the final for the gold against her friend Elisa Di Francisca, and could not wait to put things in place, to take the only title still missing in his collection of achievements – from modest opponent sent to the carpet, which was dominating in his own way.

Australia, with his quintet NBA, playing without any fear and respond blow for blow hurting the defense Stars and Stripes with the sublime movements Bogut in the area painted with the triple Mills. The mismatch-Anthony Baynes gives me a headache to Australia, but offensive level Dellevedova and friends play with an enviable discipline and give up quite a hard time to the team coach K. yet another field goal from beneath an excellent Bogut gives Australia +8 but as soon as the owners go to catch your breath in the Aussie bench, as expected, pay duty.

To play the position is usually Melo, the US as well as Australia recover. The first quarter ends 28-28 and early in the second Team USA looks ready to sprint. The defense becomes more aggressive and, despite the problems the shot of Durant (2/10 in the first half), things also improve in attack.

It seems that the race is to be channeled on the favorite tracks by bookmakers (who the day before had given the US a difference of 27.5 points), spells former Virtus Bologna and Siena David Andersen, however, take into Australians wake and just part of the field Bogut the match back to get complicated for Team USA. Rio 2016, here’s how you train your team Use super australia – Mills continues to score from long range, before Australia gets back and closes an extraordinary first half ahead 54-49 after shooting with a surreal 68% from the field.

Melo and colleagues back on the floor with another energy and with a quick 9-0 defer front. Durant as’ signs of life in attack, though Australia does not make allowances. Mills picks up where he left off and produces from the perimeter, Bogut hurts the area, so the US must sweat.

The National stars and stripes dominates to rebound in attack but fails to outdistance Australians, that with a triple from Andersen and the layup Ingles at the opening of the fourth fraction back in front. the man of providence – Whenever the coach K team needs a basket goes from Melo and the Knicks leading responds to large. Two of Anthony consecutive triples give the +4 to the US.

Melo continues to mark, the wonderful Irving penetration then allowing Team USA to touch +7 four minutes from the siren. The tired Aussie rely on Mills that gives some hope with a layup -4 but thinks Irving with a triple of his to put things in place for national stars and stripes. The miracle thus does not materialize, Australia goes k.o. but it goes out of bounds between the deserved applause of the Rio audience. Use: Anthony 31 (2/6, 9/15), Irving 19.

Rebounds: Cousins, Anthony 8. Assists: Irving 5. Australia: 30 Mills (6/11, 5/11), Bogut 15. Rebounds: 7 Dellavedova . Assist: Dellavedova 11. Simone Sandri  @ simonesandri

February 20, 2018 – PyeongChang (South Korea) The blue after the qualifying phase of the relay. LaPresse The Valtellina Express is the departure platform: it will set in motion at today’s Italian 12:30 local 20:30. It consists of four cars, one of which, in its history, he has followed different routes from others.

The destination? The Olympic podium. What the women’s relay short track. It has already been achieved in Turin in 2006 and Sochi 2014, with the capture of two wonderful bronze medals. The Valtellina Express consists of the 27 year-old Arianna Fontana – a kind of locomotive – from Polaggia of Berbenno, the same age Lucia Peretti, from Bormio, the 25 year-old Martina Valcepina, from Cepina (Valdisotto) and, sort of infiltrated, geographically speaking, Cecilia Maffei , 33-year-thirty Pinzolo, one that still in Valtellina has long basic training and who, like Arianna, there since the times of Turin, although, as in Sochi, in a reserve role.

The opponents – The blue quartet coordinated by c.t. Kenan Gouadec is called to a business: those opponents are well over Frecciarossa. China and South Korea, including Games and World Championships, won 24 of the last 25 titles (13 to 11). And Canada, since the discipline is five circles (from Albertville in 1992, ie seven editions) is always going to medal.

They say the results of past and present: Italy, the presence of these rivals, that is the fourth. But it’s short track, what the heck: and that ring can always happen. As in the twelve years ago in the Russian and Italian final four seasons ago.

When Fontana and companions crossed the finish line fourth, but either way, thanks to the disqualification of China were third promises. Arianna, the Palavela, flanked by the Turin Marta Capurso and cousins ​​from Valtellina Katia and Mara Zini, 15 years and 10 months, became the youngest Blue Winter Olympic medalist (undefeated record).

In Sochi, as today, instead of Elena Maffei was Viviani, other Valtellina, back from difficult seasons. scenarios – will serve the Fountain (later Olympic) and Valcepina admired ten days ago in the semifinals. We will need a Peretti Maffei and an even more effective. It will take a time trial presumably less than 6’05 “918, Italian record, achieved on the occasion.

Hope (not to be hidden), while focusing on their strengths, is that among others the battle can be so turned on that, all pushing to the limit, escapes us a slip or misconduct by disqualification. The defending champion South Korea, as well as the cheering of an ECI Arena promises to be always full, will count on Sukhee Shim and Kim Alang, the quartet already in Sochi.

In the final approach, the early rounds of the 500 men (with the return of Yuri Confortola after the beautiful 7th place in 1000) and 1000 female with, in addition to Fountain, the Italian Canadian Cyntia Mascitto, preferred to Valcepina “to let them prepare the relay team at best, “explains Gouadec. There is a business to be done. From our correspondent Andrea Buongiovanni  @ abuongi

August 10, 2016 – Rio de Janeiro (Bra) Arianna Errigo, 28, takes off his mask. The Canadian Harvey (a siin.) Exults. AP The defeat you do not expect. And then down desperate tears without end. Arianna Errigo out in the second round of the tournament’s foil: no one would ever have imagined.

The No. 1 world champion who won 5 of the last 9 races and finishing on the podium in the other three, beaten in the second round of the Canadian Harvey, No. 16 in the world ranking. Stuff you would not believe, too absurd to look real. Instead it happened.

Because fencing is also this: never predictable, especially when there’s half an Olympics. She who had come to take back what he had escaped a blast four years ago in London – when he lost an additional jab at the final for the gold against her friend Elisa Di Francisca, and could not wait to put things in place, to take the only title still missing in his collection of achievements – from modest opponent sent to the carpet, which was dominating in his own way.

It was spun off 7-2, assault seemed a formality. Even after the reaction of the Canadian, with 3 stored in a row to put right a bit ‘of concern contained in the blue clan. Then again the extension of Ariadne, from 7-5 to 10-5. And all looking forward to the early end of a match almost predictable.

A little ‘as happened in the first round against the Vietnamese Anh dhoti, which perhaps could sound like an alarm bell, because there had been a joke in circles, however, remedied by the trade from the Brianza area. Ready to record another extension and another victory, we had not come to terms with the incredible blackout, implemented with a 8-0 for the Canadian, who stunned the blue, devoured by the tension for that ‘ only result I wanted to take home the gold.

On 13-10 for rival, Arianna has sketched a timid reaction and stored eleventh has given hope. Then 11-14, and 12-14. Until shot k.o., the worst moment of Arianna career. From our correspondent Paolo Marabini

August 4, 2018 – Milan, Fabio Fognini, 31 year old Sanremo, tonight will be looking for his third season victory on the ATP circuit EPA Will the new hairstyle that brings luck. Or maybe, in fact skrill reviews, probably will be that playing a tennis at the highest level. The fact is that Fabio Fognini will play tonight to bring home his third tournament of the ATP season, to Abierto Los Cabos, Mexico.

In the end it arrived dominating, as it has done in this stop of the circuit after losing the first set of the opening match against the French Halys. Since then he has never left their rivals only partial, never going more than 6-4 to impose themselves.

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